How to Register for a CARNATIX - Carnatic Music Certification Examination?

1. First Join as an Individual Member. If you want to join as as a Teacher or an institution, then you can join as a Premium member or as a Standard Member for a fee. Currently teachers need not become premium or standard member for a limited time.

2. Once you have an account, you are open to join in any of the contests, competitions and ceritifications offerred by Tournametrix Corporation.

3. Now login with your credentials and select Certifications in the top Menu. Under Certifications, Select Music. You will be taken to the Examination Levels that are availablefor you to join.

4. Click Register and then follow the payment process. If you pay by credit card, you are registered immediately. If you pay by check, then it will take 24 hours to be registered. Check has to be received on time to be registered.

5. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once the payment is made.

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