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  Academic Areas

Tournametrix offers several contests/competitions in the areas of Mathematics, Science, Geography, English Language, Social Studies, Current Affairs and More. You can find all the contests in one place and enroll for them in just few clicks. If you have specific contest that you want to host in your area of make it available to everyone, Tournametrix is the place to host. If you are a coach/teacher and would like to subscribe to any of the contests / competitions, then you can become a Premium member or Standard member and select any or all of the contests and enroll your students for the same and hosts them at your school / studio.


Tournametrix hosts several chess tournaments and helps players to select and register for the same. If you are running chess club and would like to host your tournament, please send us an e-mail to

Arts and More.....

If you are interested in Art, Essay Writing, Poetry writing Speech and Debate or any other soft skills, then look for the contests/competitions in your area by visiting competition list sub menu and you will be taken directly to the portal where such contests are listed.


For Teachers / Coaches


To Enroll students in one of the already listed tournaments at one of the locations specified

There are two ways you can accomplish this. You can coach your students and have them enroll directly in the contest. They need to create a free single membership and then they can choose one of more contests and pay directly via paypal secured site. Or, you can become standard or premium member depending upon how may seats you need to buy and then add them under your school name and submit their entries. There are certain benefits of becoming a standard or premium member. You get discounted entry fee per seat for each competition that will offset your membership fee in no time, but you will still get discounted entry fee for rest of the year. Additionally, you get to host any of the contests in your school or institute.

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To create a new contests/tournaments that does not exist now in Tournametrix

You can create and host and let other teachers/coaches to host your tournament at their locations. Simply send an e-mail


For Students

  Enrolling for a contest / competition / tournament

1. You can create your free individual membership by clicking here -----> Individual Membership

2. Login with your user id and password.

3. Select one of the competitions by clicking competition tab at the top after you login. Click here for a list

4. Simply Join and pay via secured paypal process. You will receive the confirmation e-mail.

You are all set.